McDonald's Office Slovakia

01. Position

Guest Experience Manager

At McDonald's, my main responsibilities as a Guest Experience Manager included working in restaurants to guarantee a pleasant customer experience by doing research to understand the requirements and preferences of the clients and using that information to address issues and offer help. Afterwards we make changes to improve the visitor experience by identifying areas of improvement based on monthly performance statistics.

Brand Ambassador

As a Brand Ambassador for McDonald's in the Slovak Republic, my job was to represent the company and promote its values and culture on my social media platforms. I was highly active on these platforms, and my main goal was to share the company's message and mission with my followers and attract more customers to the restaurants in the region. I shared information about the company's initiatives, such as their commitment to sourcing sustainable ingredients, and their efforts to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all customers.

02. Technologies & Skills

Technologies I used

  • 01. Instagram
  • 02. Facebook
  • 03. YouTube
  • 04. Workplace
  • 05. Adobe Photoshop
  • 06. Adobe Premiere Pro

Skills I developed

  • 01. Communication
  • 02. Problem solving
  • 03. Management
  • 04. Flexibility
  • 06. Video Editing
  • 07. Photo Editing
  • 08. Social Media Management
  • 09. Networking


I represented McDonald's Slovakia at an international conference in Milan in 2021. We discussed McDonald's marketing plans and presented our ideas. During the conference, I had the opportunity to make many good friends from various European countries. It was a valuable and enjoyable experience. I learned a lot from my colleagues from different countries and was able to share my own insights and experiences as well.

McDonald's Slovakia

McDonald's is the leading fast-food chain in Slovakia.