Telerano is a morning show produced by Markiza, the leading television network in Slovakia. The goal of this TV Show is to inform and entertain people in the morning hours by various segments of the show, such as news, interviews, cooking in the morning kitchen, singing performances and many others.

01. Position


As a screenwriter for the morning show "Telerano", my job was to craft compelling and engaging scripts for the segments of the show. This included writing skits, interviews, and other segments of the program. I was responsible for researching and developing ideas for segments and then bringing them to life on the page. Then I worked with the production team to make sure that my scripts were executed as intended on air. It was a creative and challenging job that required strong writing skills and the ability to come up with new and interesting ideas on a regular basis.


As a morning news reporter, my job was to gather and report on the latest world and internet news. This included researching stories, conducting interviews, and writing scripts for my segments on the show. I ensured that the information I reported was accurate, unbiased, and presented in an engaging way.

02. Technologies & Skills

Technologies I used

  • 01. AVID Technologies
  • 02. iNews Technologies
  • 03. Adobe Premiere Pro
  • 04. Adobe Photoshop
  • 06. Microsoft Word
  • 07. Microsoft Teams
  • 08. Facebook Business Suite
  • 09. Teleprompters

Skills I developed

  • 01. Writing
  • 02. Research
  • 03. Communication
  • 04. Technical skills
  • 05. Presentation skills
  • 06. Creativity
  • 07. Time management
  • 08. Flexibility

"Bringing your vision to life, one frame at a time."

TV Markiza

TV Markíza is the leading commercial television channel in Slovakia.
The channel offers a mix of news, entertainment, and sports programming, as well as locally produced and imported shows.
Markíza is the most-watched television channel in Slovakia, with a strong presence in the country's media market.